Why Online Directory?


Why signing up/advertise in online directories?

Online directory increases awareness

Advertising is done in order to get the brands out in the market that aids in sales, reputation and Goodwill. It gives higher level of awareness to the brand and this is one advantage of getting a business listed in an online directories. The reason for this is that when a person is looking to buy a product or service but have no idea where  to make the purchase, the first thing he/she  will do is find an online directory to search that item's suppliers, retailers, wholesalers, etc . This  increases the traffic of all those businesses listed in the directory and then if there is a website links then they visit their site.

Online directories helps in target marketing

Normally, the customers who use the directories have a clear goal in mind as to the which kind of business they are looking for. Therefore  those that searches for a particular business in an online directory is much more likely to make a purchase or will contact you for your service. This makes  target marketing for your products and servies easier. The majority of the traffic that comes to the business website is from interested prospects and this is an advantage.

Online directories increase traffic directed towards a listed company.

Due to recent google Panda updates they rank the best online directories very highly and this means that every link that is placed on the directory leading back to a particular website is given very high preference. This is a major boost for the listed business in that it gets to receive lots of traffic which in turn increases its rankings.

Online listing creates a network.

It is long clear that business without network cannot thrive in this competitive market. The reason for this is that the networks formed with other businesses and people open up the way for expansion. For example, if a particular business deals with office stationery and is listed in a particular online directory, there are other businesses listed on the same directory that will look for businesses that provide office stationery. Once these two firms connect, a network is formed.

An example of a great online directory

It makes more sense for one to know about advantages of an online business directory . One of the best online directories happens to be Fiji ONLINE Directory.  A simple visit to the directory’s website, tells some of the reasons for this popularity. You can directory Ad your listings and we will load your details within 24hours. Price is affordable. The directory has listed many businesses from many industries such as mechanical, hardware stores, health and printing and are listing daily. We aim to cover all parts of Fiji and the whole south pacific countries  through our other directory , "Pacific ONLINE Directory" in 2015.


Other points to be noted:

  • Signing up in more then one directories enables better ranking of search engines.
  • You appear online frequently.
  • More opportunity doors
  • Affordable advertising techniques to reach wider audience
  • Creative image branding by showing logos, graphics ads and commercial video ads.
  • Linking it to facebook, twitter and youtube for greater mileage
  • Can update listings frequently that shows your advertisements is not stale.